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BES, 2007   Image: Jonathan Walsh
Josh Cogan presents a poster of his work to scientists John Hom and Larry Band Photograph: Jonathan Walsh

The third phase of the Baltimore Ecosystem Study (BES III), Long-Term Ecological Research project builds on 13 years of experience in establishing and refining a platform for integrated urban ecological and social research, education, and outreach. The BES education team consists of partnerships and collaborations with organizations like the US Forest Service, the Parks & People Foundation (PPF), UMBC's Center for Urban Environmental Education and Research (CUERE) and other research and education centers throughout the United States.
BES Education strives for a seamless interplay between our research into teaching, learning and information flow; our programs; and our collaborations among scientists, managers, policy makers, educators, students and the public. Sustainability and adaptive processes are both a topical focus and an outcome for our work. We seek to understand how schools and other information systems adapt to global change and rising societal interest in sustainability.
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